11.03.2008 - 13:28
Xwendekarn kurd n zanngehn Tehran Helebe bi br an


Wney "Şahid bdeng" Helebe xist mejiy mirovayetiy - wnekş: Ramazan Ozturk

TEHRAN (amude.com) - Xwendekarn krud n zanngehn Tehran do komkujiya Helebe bombakirina bajarn Kurdistan Mervan, Serdeşt, Nodşe, lam, Mhran bi br an. Pişt xwendina end ayetn Quran sirda Ey Reqb du xwendekaran li ser Helebey helbestn xwe pşkş kirin. Piştre Rojn Helebey, ku yek ji goriyn Helebey ye, li ser rşa li dij bajar xwe encamn w axiv.

Di civna li Tehran de berpirs Navenda Bergir ji Birndar Şehdn Bombekmyaw ya bajar Serdeşt Usman Mozeyen li ser rewşa şehd birndarn bombekmyaw rawestiya behsa zagon bingehn mafn navnetewey kir.

Piştre hin wne pereyn ji flmn ku li Helebeyr hatibn girtin, hatin nşandan. El Belxkanl ji aliy Koma Xwendevann Kurmanc ve belavokek bi ziman ingils belav kir, t de behsa rewşa Helebe Kurdistan herweha gefn artşa Tirkiy li dij Kurdistan hatiye kirin. Giringiya yektiya Kurdan beşek ji v belavok b. Koma Xwendevann Kurmanc ber demek ji aliy Hmin Hiseyn, Kave Dhpyad Mervan Hemd Reşd ve hate damezirandin.

Pişt belavkirina belavok li ser amadebyan xebatkarn kovarn kurd yn xwendekarn zanngehn Tehran behsa rewşa weşann xwe kir pirsgirkn xwe ann zimn. Dra xwendekar Roj Wirmy ligel koma xwe end strann Ciwan Haco pşkş kirin. Pişt van stranan parzer kurd Salih Nkbet bi ziman faris li ser rewşa xwendekarn di zindanan de herweha rewşa dadgehkirina Sedam hevalbendn w axavtinek pşkş kir.

Ber ku Hogir Siney strann Serhed Şivan Perwer pşkş bike, Sed Kirmaşan li ser mijara alakiy axavtinek kir.

Di dawiya alakiy de bi zimann kurd, fars ingils belavok hatin xwendin. Malpera Amd belavoka bi ziman ingilz diweşne, wek ku j re hatiye şandin.

* * *

Oh the awake conscience of the world

Oh the struggling nation of Kurdistan

The twentieth ceremony for Kurdish victims of genocides in Halabja , Sardasht , Ilam , Mehran and Nodsheh cities is held in a time when , despite the collapse of Baath regime s long list in terror , the world has not been able to understand yet the horrible dimensions of genocides and the Anfal against the kurds . In such conditions all universal institutions and affiliated organs should be aware of their own duties . Accordingly , we demand to internationalize the issue of Kurdish nation genocide , universally guaranting to protect the Kurdish nation against any possible and similar cases , restoring an honest life for the left of the chemically bombarded martyrs and those of Anfal .

Oh the liberals all over the world

The wounds made by the Baathism against our nation have not been recovered yet that kemalism monster intends to repeat an Armenian like genocide in Kurdistan . Clearly , the governments and the world public opinion s being silent is to confirm the devil intention of Turkish invadng army along with weakening or even eradicating the democratic experience of Kurdistan Federal Government in Iraq .

Oh the struggling people of Kurdistan and the civil institutions

Although we are celebrating the end of Baathism but its catastrophic heritage is still challenging our existence . Arabization is , as if , to appear in our eternal fate form . A regional conspiracy , initiated by the kemalist heritage , is to suspend Kirkuk eternally . In such conditions , the main duty is , of course , up on the Kurdish leaders to execute the article 140 of the Federal Iraq constitution fully and soon to meet the Kurdish nation s least needs . In this field , the duty of civil institutions and people s conscience in Kurdistan is , of course , undoutful . The conditions are sensitive and our understanding about them is quite vague . If we open our eyes , avoiding any divisions and differences , struggling against corruption is something that we can accomplish to respect the victims blood in Halabja , Anfal and other martyrs of Kurdistan .

Oh accompanying students

You know well , while the widespread attacks by anti liberals suppresses the journalists , makes civil activists silent , wants universities to be a garrison , considers any movements , even the most peaceful ones , in a security view point , the eyes will be turned to university and students . Therefore , we call you and any conscient people of the society and civil activists to support the imprisonned activists who who have not bent their backs under ani liberal tortures and remind you that the unity of Kurdistan students movement activists is , in this condition , necessary and vital .

Oh wise friends

The Kurdish regions are still facing deprivation , discrimination and injustice . Not only the Kurdish demands have not been achieved but also the economic status of Kurdistan has reached a critical level . In these conditions of suspending people s main and primary rights , it is again time for elections and we are expected to participate epically We ask those encouraging the people to vote , a question : Will burning the oven for non competing and ceremonial elections solve even the common problems ( such as unemployment , addiction , smuggling and non neutralized mines ) ?

Be Honourable the Memorial of Martyrs in Anfal and Chemical Bombardments of Halabja , Sardasht , Ilam , Mehran and Nodsheh

Praise to Freedom and Democracy

Manifesto by Kurdish Students of Tehran Universities

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