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22.12.2005 - 12:08 [ 1840 caran hatiye xwendin ] [ çap bike ]

PENa navnetewey doza serbestberdana Dr. Kemal Seyid Qadir dike PENa Kurd bdeng e


PENa navnetewey
DORTMUND (amude.com) - Komteya Nivskarn di Zindanan de a PENa navnetewey bangek weşandiye, t de ji berpirsn Partiya Demoqrat a Kurdistan (KDP) doza diyarkirina rewşa Dr. Kemal Seyid Qadir dike. Di v bang de hatiye nivsandin, ku PENa navnetewey di w tirs de ye, ku "ku nivskar Kemal Seyid Qadir ji ber derbirna azadyane ya nerna xwe hatibe girtin, ev yek mada 19 a Ragihandina Neteweyn Yekby ya Unversal a Mafn Mirovan binp dike". PEN herweha nivsandiye, ku ew doza "teqezkirineke bilez" dike, ku rewşa Dr. Kemal baş e herweha doza serbestberdana w dike, "eger nehatibe piştrastkirin, ku bi tawanek eşkere rabbe". Navenda PENa Kurd a li Elmanyay ta niha deng ji xwe neaniye ne diyar b ew ji bo Dr. Kemal tiştek bike yan na. Malpera Amd tevaya banga PENa navnetewey ya bi ziman ingilz li v der diweşne:

* * *

Iraq: Writer Kamal Sayid Qadir detained incommunicado
Author(s): Cathy McCann - WiPC Asia and Middle East Researcher
Date: 16th December, 2005

The Writers in Prison Committee of International PEN is seriously concerned about the detention and welfare of writer Kamal Sayid Qadir, an Iraqi Kurd with Austrian citizenship who has been detained incommunicado in Iraqi Kurdistan since 26 October 2005. He is believed to be held for articles critical of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) authorities, including KDP leader Masud Barzani. International PEN is alarmed at reports that Dr Qadir has been ill-treated in detention, and is in very poor health.

According to PEN-s information, writer Kamal Sayid Qadir, aged 48, was arrested on 26 October 2005 by members of Parastin, the security intelligence service of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), one of two parties holding power in the Kurdish-dominated region. Dr Qadir, an Iraqi Kurd who now lives in Vienna, was on a visit to Iraqi Kurdistan at the time of his arrest. He was reportedly on his way to a meeting with KDP officials at a hotel in the city of Erbil when he was arrested. KDP intelligence agents are believed to have seized him because of articles that he had published on the Internet in the weeks before he returned to Iraqi Kurdistan which were critical of the KDP authorities, including Masud Barzani. Dr Qadir is known for his critical writings about the political leadership of the Kurdish territories of Iraq.

International PEN Writers in Prison Committee wrote to Masud Barzani on 9 November, seeking clarification of Kamal Sayid Qadir-s whereabouts. The KDP International Relations Bureau in London responded, confirming that Mr Qadir is being held by the Kurdistan authorities in Erbil and is being investigated for "slander, personal harassment and threats" in connection with the publication of articles considered by the Kurdistan authorities to be provocative and defamatory of "certain prominent elected official politicians". No formal charges are believed to have been brought.

Amnesty International gives the following background information:

"Since 1991 some areas of northern Iraq have been controlled by the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). These Kurdish-controlled areas enjoyed substantial autonomy even while Saddam Hussein was in power, and have continued to do so after the 30 January 2005 elections in Iraq for both the National Assembly and a Kurdish Assembly. PUK Secretary General Jalal Talabani was selected by the National Assembly as President of Iraq on 7 April, and KDP leader Masud Barzani was selected by the Kurdish Assembly as President of the Kurdistan region."

International PEN is seriously concerned that writer Kamal Sayid Qadir appears to be detained solely for the peaceful expression of his opinions, and therefore in violation of Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. PEN is also alarmed at reports that he has been ill-treated in detention and is in poor health. PEN seeks immediate assurances of his well-being and guarantees of his safety, and urges his immediate and unconditional release unless there is substantive evidence to charge him with a recognisable criminal offence.


Please send appeals:
- expressing serious concern that writer Kamal Sayid Qadir appears to be held solely for critical articles and therefore in violation of Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and demanding his immediate and unconditional release;

- expressing alarm at reports that he is in poor health and ill-treated in detention, and seeking assurances that he is being treated humanely and urging that he be given access to lawyers of his own choosing, his family and any medical treatment he may require;


Please send appeals via the KDP offices abroad, asking for them to be forwarded to President Barzani:

KDP International Relations Bureau, London, United Kingdom
Fax: 011 44 20 7498 2531
e-mail: kdpinternational@yahoo.com
Salutation: Your Excellency

KDP Europe, Berlin, Germany
Fax: 011 49 30 797 437 46
e-mail: kdpeurope@t-online-.de
Salutation: Your Excellency

KDP Office, Washington, USA
e-mail: pdk7usa@aol.com
Salutation: Your Excellency

KDP Office, Ankara, Turkey
Fax: 011 90 312 447 3532
e-mail: info@kdp-ankara.org.tr
Salutation: Your Excellency

If possible please send a copy of your appeal to the diplomatic representative for Iraq in your country.
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